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Jaguar Delanair MKII AC SERVO


$70.00 USD


Refundable Core

Refurbished  Delanair MKII AC SERVO. 


Servo's are not available new, so why risk installing a used salvage yard servo and damaging an expensive Amplifier. All Jag-Aire,LLC servo's are cleaned, lubricated, serviced and tested.  


The Delanair MKII Servo is a wonderfully detailed cam mechanism which, via a DC motor, controls various microswitches, vacuum switches and air distribution flap linkages on signal from the in-car & ambient sensor, temperature selector and feedback potentiometer.  There are several failure modes of the servo, such as a short circuited motor which can destroy a working amplifer.  


Core Charge:  A $50.00 refundable core charge is added to the initial purchase price, once Jag-Aire,LLC receives your old servo, we will refund this charge to you.  Core Servo's must be intact, include the plastic outer shell and feedback potentiometer to be considered a valid core.  Jag-Aire,LLC will not refund any amount for a disassembled or physically bent or rusted unit without prior approval.  If you have any concerns regarding the condition of your core servo, please contact Jag-Aire, LLC before sending your core.  We will not return damaged core servo's as shipping cost would exceed the damaged core value.

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