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Six Modifications of the Jaguar Climate Control System

As described in the narrative from Jag-Lovers Forum members

Did you ever want more control over how your Jaguar HVAC system operated.

Download "Six Modifications of the Jaguar Climate Control System" to review the options.

  1. The "Gardner mod" explains how to obtain fresh air ventilation.

  2. The "Napoli mod" allows the A/C compressor to be enabled or disabled depending on the position of a switch.

  3. Combine the Napoli and Gardner Mods with a single switch.

  4. Napoli's version of the Gardner Mod.

  5. The "Sawyers mod" improves control over the recirculation flaps.

  6. The "Bernett mod" disables the blower fans and A/C compressor.

6 mods
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