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Jaguar Delanair MKII AC SERVO


$70.00 USD

Invoiced after repair.

Delanair MKII AC SERVO Rebuild Service. 


Servo's are not available new, so why risk installing a used salvage yard servo and damaging an expensive Amplifier. All Jag-Aire,LLC servo's are cleaned, lubricated, serviced and tested.  


The Delanair MKII Servo is a wonderfully detailed cam mechanism which, via a DC motor, controls various microswitches, vacuum switches and air distribution flap linkages on signal from the in-car & ambient sensor, temperature selector and feedback potentiometer.  There are several failure modes of the servo, such as a short circuited motor which can destroy a working amplifier.  


Shipping:    Rebuildable servo's must be intact, as removed from the vehicle.  Damaged or missing parts may result in additional charges or render the servo unrepairable.  If you have any concerns regarding the condition of your servo, please contact Jag-Aire, LLC before sending your unit.  We will only return damaged unrepairable  servo's at customer request and expense as shipping cost would exceed the damaged core value.

Send servos to:  Jag-Aire, LLC, 1916 Olive Street, Highland, IL  62249

                            Please include your Name, shipping Address and E-Mail with any servo's.


Once evaluation and/or service is complete, you will be contacted and an invoice for repair sent for payment.

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