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A Fresh Air / Recirc / AC Mod kit for your Jaguar.  If you Like the Auto function of your Jaguars AC, but you simply want more control of your climate control system, this mod kit may be your answer.

Jaguar AC - Fresh Air / Recirc Mod Kit

Excluding Sales Tax
  • This unit is a combination of AC mods, configured into a single ashtray switch panel.

    This kit provides everything you need to give you manual control of the Fresh Air flaps with the system On or Off and switch power to the AC compressor.  

  • AC amplifiers are a sensitive electronic devices.  All units are tested for functionality prior to being shipped.  Other componets in the Delanair MK II system could be the cause of a failure of the AC system to function properly.  Failure to follow installation instructions could result in damage to the amplifier.  Please contact Jag-Aire, LLC prior to attempting a return. Refunds are not gauranteed, all amplifiers shall be subject to testing upon return and refunds shall not be provided for electrically damaged amplifiers.

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