Stay comfortable with a Jag-Aire Replacement AC Amplifier

for Series 2 & 3 XJ-S, XJ6, XJ12, and Daimler luxury automobiles using the Delanair MKII Air Conditioning System.

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Are you miserable and dripping with sweat driving your Jaguar in the Summer?

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1985 XJ-S V12 Owned by Jag-Aire

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Do you have to bundle up (and still feel like an Ice Cube) driving your Jaguar in the Winter?

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Are you miserable and dripping with sweat driving your Jaguar in the Summer?

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Jag-Aire, LLC Jaguar Replacement AC Amplifier (AMP)

Great News - Our Jaguar Manual Control unit for the Delanair MKII Climate Control System has arrived.


Model Range for 1986


JA-16 Jaguar AC Amplifier (C45402)

Replacement AC Amplifier for Delanair MK-II Climite Control Systems installed in 1974-1987 Series II & III Jaguar XJ-S, XJ6, & XJ12. Replaces original Jaguar Part Number C45402.

Jaguar Manual AC Control

A manual control switch for your Jaguar.  If your AC amplifier or Feedback potentiometer have failed, or you simply want more "traditional" control of your Jaguar's climate control system, this manual switch may be your answer.

ASP-16 Ashtray Switch Panel

A simple switch box designed to drop into one of the ski slope ashtrays.  Sleek design allows ashtray lid to close, retaining the appearance of the original Jaguar interior.  Provides two switches.


Choose from either standard or custom switch legends.


Delanair MKII SERVO - Repair Service

Refurbished  Delanair MKII AC SERVO.

Servo's are not available new, so why risk installing a used salvage yard servo and damaging an expensive Amplifier. All Jag-Aire,LLC servo's are cleaned, lubricated, serviced and tested.  

Jaguar Servo & Mode Control Microswitch

Direct replacement micro-switch for Jaguar Delanair MKII mode control and servo micro-switches. 

Six Modifications to the Jaguar AC System

Free Download

Did you ever want more control over how your Jaguar HVAC system operated.  Download "Six Modifications of the Jaguar Climate Control System" to review the options.​

Ranco Thermostat


The Ranco Thermostat protects the power feed to the compressor clutch and is located on the on the right side of the evaporator case behind the dash under panel.  

The Ranco Thermostat is designed to sense temperature of the system at the evaporator, preventing evaporator freeze-up.  The thermostat is conductive in all modes and functions except when evaporator temperature falls below 2°C (36°F) or when overridden by Ranco override switch in high ambient situations.  When this occurs, the electrical feed is disconnected to the compressor clutch eliminating the refrigeration cycle until the evaporator warms to above 2°C - then the refrigeration cycle will restart.


Item is original used and tested for functionality.

Fresh Air / Recirc / AC Mod Kit

Currently in BETA testing

A Fresh Air / Recirc / AC Mod kit for your Jaguar.  If you Like the Auto function of your Jaguars AC, but you simply want more control of your climate control system, this mod kit may be your answer.

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Jag-Aire, LLC is a manufacturer of replacement Delanair MKII Air Conditioning control amplifiers and other accessories for 1974-1987 Jaguar XJ6, XJ12, and XJS Series 2 & 3 luxury vehicles.


As an avid owner and collector of Jaguar automobiles, I became tired of sweating in the summer heat or freezing in the winter cold because my XJ-S AC amplifier had a mind of its own.  Discouraged that I had to resort to 30 year old used AC amplifiers, because new amplifiers were not available; I began developing my own replacement.  


Jag-Aire, LLC was born in 2016 to bring quality replacement AC amplifiers and accessories to other Jaguar Enthusiasts.


Gary Crosby  


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